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SUBU Subu Packable Winter Sandal Slipper

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Innenfutter: Polyester (raised finished), Sohle: Gummi For traveling, in-flight, camping

Sandals that you can slip on
and go out with, even during
the cold months. SUBU takes
sandals to a whole new level;
an unexpected level of warmth
and comfort, a sturdy sole, and
an original, streamlined
design. Functionality and
beauty come together in an
unprecedented way, creating a
footwear category of its own; SUBU

Have you heard of winter sandals?
The idea was born in Japan, a country
where sandals are far more than just
shoes. They’re a centuries-old tradition.
An inextricable part of a kimono outfit.
The footgear of Buddhist monks on their
spiritual journeys. And a symbol of
freedom to go wherever you like.
But come November, the temperature in
Tokyo often falls below 10 ° C and chilly
days continue throughout the winter.
The outside and the inside become two
separate worlds: of freezing cold and
pleasant warmth.
SUBU is a bridge, between those two
worlds. Offering a whole new level of
functionality, they leave you surprised
that outdoor shoes could ever feel so
soft. Their modern, streamlined design

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