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Vans Circle Vee (Eco Theory)

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Sohle: Gummi, Obermaterial: Textil Upper is 50% recycled
cotton/50% hemp blend,
producing a perfect blend of
renewable crop (hemp) and
recycled cotton knitted
together in a one piece upper
(produces less waste)

Internal linings are 6oz 50%
recycled cotton/50% hemp

All new eco rubber compound is made
from responsibly sourced natural rubber
instead of petroleum derived synthetic
rubber. This new natural rubber
compound was developed and
engineered to maintain the grip and
durability Vans is known for (since 66).

Laces made with 100% jute
fiber. Jute is grown with
minimal water and is
considered a fast growing
renewable crop.

New certified 74% Biobased
content (by weight)
ergonomic footbed providing
sustainable, long lasting
comfort while significantly
reducing the environmental
impact compared to
traditional polyurethane

Brand new “Rand”
construction. Goal to reduce
the amount of glue and
internal materials in order to
use less in the connection of
the upper to the outsole.

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