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New Balance UXC72RB

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Obermaterial: Leder und Textil, Sohle: Gummi
Vertically split outsole features two hard ground traction designs the XC15’s ‘gripper’ and the 375’s studded pattern
Stability heel clip featuring the 620s herringbone outsole pattern
Hairy suede upper with recycled content in N logo, lace and lining. Vamp features textile with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers derived from renewable wood sources.
Single layer microfiber tongue
Squared toe shape inspired by 1970s concept car designs

The new XC-72 pushes its classic sources of inspiration even further into unexplored territory, with a time-bending design inspired by the speculative technological optimism of 1970s concept cars. Three distinctive traction outsole patterns and angular features are employed to give the familiar low-cut sleekness of the era’s running shoes an aggressive, experimental edge. The XC-72 is the future that the past dreamed about, come to life.

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