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New Balance M990BB3 made in USA Teddy Santis

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Obermaterial: Leder, Sohle: Gummi, Innen: Textil
The 990’s original designers were tasked with creating the single best running shoe on the market. The finished product more than lived up to its billing. When it hit shelves for the first time in 1982 the 990 sported an elegantly understated grey colorway, and a then unheard of three-figure price tag. For avid runners and ahead of the curve tastemakers alike, the 990 was a mark of quality and superior taste. There have been updates to the design since ’82, and more color options, but the 990’s aspirational status symbol aura has never changed. Simply put, the 990 is the shoe so good, that we’ve never stopped making it. The 990v3 features a premium upper construction and ENCAP midsole cushioning.

New Balance always manages to bring out sneakers in colourways that go with everything in your closet. Since then, Teddy Santis, the Aime Leon Dore founder, has been creative director of the “Made In” line at New Balance. Since then, New Balance is set to triple the “Made in USA” line in 2023. The main focus is on the 990v3. Neutral tones and black form the basis for the new Black Tan. The 990 v3 comes as usual in the material mix mesh, suede and leather.

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