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Sara Lorusso is a Photographer and Visual Artis Living Milan, Italy.

She was born in 1995 in the Emilia Romagna countryside, a region in the north of Italy.

From an early age she was fascinated by nature and by the creatures that populated it, Sara
says this is where her passion for observing was born.

Always interested in the role of women in today’s society, Sara would try to tell true stories of
people who are close to her or even of people she has just met. Since the first approach with
photography Sara tried to spread a message of inclusion.

Her Project “About Sexuality” uses caliginous lights and a soft focus, Sara takes pictures of
women’s forms and continues to explore the sexuality of the twenties. Her current point of view in
terms of portraits expresses all the vulnerability of her age thanks to the careful positioning of
flowers and fruits, which become a symbol of the human body and sexual organs.’’

•“Love is Love” is another notable project from Sara with the simplicity and naturalness that have
always distinguished the photos of Sara Lorusso , Love is Love tells the story of the young Italian
LGBTQ+ couples.

Sara’s work has appeared in Vogue Italy, I.D. Italy, Nomas magazine and more.

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