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Gramicci Sheltech X Renu Chuckw Short

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Shorts based on the G-Shorts that are representative of Gramicci. The pleated waist pouch has a large storage capacity and even has a pocket inside. A double-woven material that stretches and has been developed for Gramicci by combining Sheltech, which is a raw material that was developed based on the concept of playing with the sun, and RENU, which is a circular recycled raw material that goes from fiber to fiber. It features Sheltech?s five unique functions, which are heat insulation, coldness to the touch, water absorbency and rapid drying, lightness, and ultraviolet protection, allowing you to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors, even under the blazing sun. Also, the surface that comes into contact with the skin is a structure that stretches and peels away from the skin well through point contact, making it optimal for the outdoors in the spring and summer when sweating is common.

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