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Gramicci Loose Tapered Pant Classic

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While retaining functionality in the brand’s rock-climbing scene roots, they have been designed in a loose silhouette to fit the modern lifestyle. With a relaxed fit around the hips and thighs, the silhouette gradually narrows from the knees to the hem. They are cropped slightly short and the big pockets on the left and right are one of the key characteristics of these classic pants. They are made with cotton twill which uses highly durable organic cotton that has resilience and elasticity and can withstand vigorous activity, and they have been dyed to create a distinct vibe.

This collection is made from the brand’s main materials and has become
the core lineup of the brand which has been long admired. Gramicci
Pants and G-Short are made with our unique pattern and webbing
belt, and now they are the brand icon products. Not only for outdoor
activities such as climbing, camping, hiking, it can be worn as everyday
lifestyle wear. A collection that has been and will continue to be
admired as a significant products of the Gramicci brand.


100% Baumwolle (bio)

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