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Taikan Cargo Pant

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The Cargo Pant from TAIKAN is the perfect piece of everyday fit.

Its elastic waist with hidden draw cords makes sure it doesn’t scratch or put unnecessary pressure on your stomach when you are sitting down – which a lot of us do a lot of the time when we are working.

Also, the Cargo Pant consists of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, so not only is it breathable and gentle on your skin – it’s also very flexible because of the Spandex material.

Lastly, the Cargo Pant has Classic Cargo pockets, which is very handy for all the small things you want to bring along when you move around from time to time during the day.

All of this makes the Cargo Pant very suitable for everyday wear.


95% Baumwolle / 5% Spandex

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