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Gramicci Wool Talecut Skirt

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This is a long flare skirt featuring a random tuck. The webbing belt and easy waist can be adjusted with one hand, which is just one of the functionalities that is derived from the brand’s roots in the climbing scene. The skirt is designed with gentle curves and lengthens from front to back, giving it a light and feminine impression without being too heavy. The classic wool-blend fabric, which varies in appearance from season to season, can be hand-washed at home and is easy to care for on a daily basis. The lining eliminates the stiffness typical of wool, making it comfortable to wear.

Innenfutter:100% Polyester


50% Polyester / 14% Acry l/ 13% Viskose/ 8% Seide/ 7% Baumwolle / 5% Nylon / 3% Wolle

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