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James The County

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White Oak / Stainless / Wood / Straight/Sandvik 12C27

Material handle: wood, oak wood

Type of steel: Sandvik 12C27

The James Brand County is a modern take on the classic grandfather’s knife: the slipjoint. A great knife to peel an apple with or open a box. In addition to a functional tool, an indispensable EDC tool, the County is also an elegant accessory to accompany your outfit.

The James County has been enhanced with a modest blade, made from Sandvik 12C27 steel. A Swedish type of stainless steel which perfectly retains its sharpness. You open it with two hands. It doesn’t really block, but a slipjoint will keep it in place. Think of a Swiss pocket knife which uses the same system.

A real eye catcher on The James Brand County is the stunning handle. The white oak makes the knife look incredibly luxurious. An exquisite gentleman’s knife for everyday use!

However, the elegant James design has not only been applied to the knife itself. Just look at the box it comes in: perfect in all its simplicity. A milled wooden box covered by a modern cardboard sleeve. But that is not all, it comes with a felt storage pouch with, again, that bright green accent.

The James Brand: knives for anyone who lives life to the fullest

The people behind The James Brand do not have roots in the pocket knife world. They are skaters, snowboarders, fishermen, barbers, photographers. People who do not only spend their time at the drawing board, but actually go out into the world. People who do not wait for others to solve their problems but take the initiative. They have a different view on what a pocket knife should look like all their own. Never inhibited by thoughts like “that’s just the way it is” they started designing. The result is a stylish and unique pocket knife brand. Made for adventurers and anyone who loves design. Made for real people!

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