Gramicci Taion/Gramicci Down Scarf Packable

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100% Nylon This down scarf has exquisite volume without being too thick. The scarf is attached by passing it through the tunnel fabric on the back side. It is recommended not only for outdoor settings but also for everyday use around town. By using ripstop fabric on the surface, damage to the fabric is reduced. In addition, it can be washed at home. It can be made compact using the tunnel fabric on the back side of the product, which makes it easy to carry.

Down wear is filled with natural down feathers and is considered a slightly luxurious item. The brand that is breaking that
stereotype is “TAION” which has formed a tag team with Gramicci. TAION was founded in 2016 and is Japan’s first brand
that only sells inner down wear. We provide high-quality and high-performance down wear that are made in Japan with
excellent technical expertise. On top of that, we also made it a point to have a wide color variation and a basic design so
that they match various styles. We have also expanded globally to Europe and Asian countries and established a
world-class standard in just 5 years.

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