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Carhartt WIP Chispa Lamp by Joan Gaspar

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100% Polycarbonate
Founded in Barcelona in the 1940s, Marset was originally a family-owned, metal casting business, and has since grown into a company committed to making rigorously designed, innovative lighting for the home and outdoors. As well as frequently collaborating with a slew of independent designers like Joan Gaspar, Inma Bermúdez, and Mashallah, the brand’s lighting can also be seen illuminating the interiors of modern retail spaces, hotels, offices, and restaurants.

suitable for outdoor use
includes charging cable (USB to USB-C) and hanging accessories
can be used pending or as a table lamp
3-step dimmer: 7 hours in peak power
14 hours at medium light output
28 hours in a quarter power
charging time 10 hours
energy efficiency grade A++
17.8 x 10 cm / 7 x 3.9 cm
suspension height: 100 cm / 39.3 inch

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