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Gramicci F/CE Sunshade Jet Cap

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100% Polyester
This jet cap has the sunshade. This is light and detachable.
This is RENU 100% fabric.
(RENU is the project of the polyester which is recycled by used polyester clothes and aimed circulation of polyester clothing. )
Actually this fabric can be utilized from dressy garments by outdoor ones.
The warp yarn is by multi filament and weft one is by MONO filament, therefore the texture of this quality has special flexibility and repellence together.
Its appearance looks like deflated by applying heat to the weft DTY yarn.
Sharply compact nylon ripstop fabric for high sense fashion brand is used at the switching part.The beautiful brightness of surface has been created by the combination of different types of yarn and original wrinkle finish.
And it’s also peculiar to the solid texture given by mono filament nylon disposed in weft.
This is perfect for jackets and various range of outerwear.

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